$36.99 USD

Turn your mobile phone into a desktop home theater kit with this Retro TV Phone Screen Magnifier.

Easy to use. 

Product size: 20*7.7*18 cm (assembled size)
TV screen size: 15.9*9.9cm
1 Fully enclosed design prevents image reflection
2 New upgraded HD lens picture is more realistic, dynamic feeling is stronger
3 curved screen design leads the trend design
4 viewing from multiple angles whether you are sitting or lying down
5 Freely retractable design for easy storage and storage. Small size and easy to carry around for use in various occasions - indoor, camping, on the go, leisure time, etc.
6 Lock the light source in all directions to increase the brightness of the screen
7 physical sound cavity design sounds louder
8 can be used with lazy brackets for practical viewing and more casual
9 No need to charge, no use cost, energy saving and environmental protection.
10 Wide range of applications, most mobile phones can be used without threshold